The search for the real

A friend of mine  has asked me to talk to him about spirituality and his search for a better way of living.  We have agreed that I will provide some thoughts on this subject and he will teach me some music in return!  This is an excellent arrangement!  Our conversation involves a discussion of the nature and claims of religious faith.  This has got me pondering all this and wanting to put my own thinking in order.  Here’s my take on the basic theme: spirituality and religion – and how the Church fits in. Continue reading


I wrote this a while ago – but it still makes a lot of sense to me.  This is the first of an occasional series on the big Christian themes.

I get uneasy when we are asked to bewail our sins.  I get irritated about the assumption of wretchedness and taking the blame for it. But I think the way we think about this, maybe the way it is presented, is wrong.  The Bible is more nuanced.  On the one hand sin is our fault, on the other it is something we cannot help. The requirement on us is that we take responsibility, not that we wallow in blame.  And what is sin?  It is the state of being asleep and the things we do whilst we are asleep.  Continue reading

Take the word out into the world

Last Saturday I had what was for me, a unique experience.  I conducted a wedding and went to the reception simultaneously.  Actually it was a service of dedication following a civil ceremony, but that doesn’t sound so good.  This service took place in a marquee in Ade and Sarah’s garden.  The guests, including me and my wife Annabelle, rocked up, were served Pimms, and after some chat in the garden, were all ushered to our places in the marquee.  All the guests sat at their places at the tables, having taken their drinks with them.   I went to the stage at the front and awaited the arrival, in procession from the back of the tent, of the bride and groom. Continue reading