Being and Becoming Church

Ecclesiological and organisational perspectives on Renewal and Reform in the contemporary Church of England

In his doctoral research Keith investigated the organisational and ecclesiological rationales of the Church of England’s national change programme, ‘Renewal and Reform’ and the value of organisation theory to the Church of England.  His thesis has the following original features:

  • Empirical academic research into Renewal and Reform
  • Interviews with the main architects of R&R and some critics
  • Proposals for how management concepts might be employed with integrity in the Church of England
  • A proper interdisciplinary engagement with key organisational ideas and scholars
  • An integrated theological/organisational model for adaptivity/change in the Church of England

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Creating the Future of the Church

A Practical Guide to Addressing Whole System Change

What happens if you apply the principles of organisational success to the Church of England?

Deeply aware that more could be done to guarantee a successful future for the Church as an organisation, Keith Elford explores the challenges it faces and urges us to take a more coherent approach to the way we think about and ‘do’ church.  Thus the aim of Creating the Future of the Church is to provide a practicable framework and process to allow readers to find their own answers to ensure the Church’s organisational health and effectiveness.

Published 19 September 2013 by SPCK

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The Nazareth Dance

An essay describing how a 150 year old Roman Catholic Congregation and old age care provider transformed its fortunes by adding business effectiveness and efficiency to underpin a renewed sense of mission.  Describes a project carried out by the authors for Telos Partners Ltd.

By Keith Elford and John Beckford

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The church and organisation theory: Peter Rudge and after

This paper, presented at the University of Roehampton, introduces basic questions that arise when organisation theory is applied within the church. It offers a critical account of Peter Rudge’s Ministry and Management (1968), the earliest treatment of the theme of church and organisation theory.  It indicates some of the new insights and theoretical developments post-Rudge that should now inform thinking on the subject and some of the questions and lines of inquiry that will inform my PhD research.

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