Christmas and the organisation

The Christmas story contains a challenging message for organisations and their leaders on fundamental issues like control, power, knowledge and status.

The gospels contain the familiar tale of how Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel and, as foretold, subsequently becomes pregnant. She and Joseph travel to Bethlehem in order to comply with the conditions for the Emperor’s census. There is no room for them in the inn and so the baby (destined to be the king of kings) is born in a stable. Angels appear to the shepherds proclaiming peace and the shepherds visit the baby – followed a little later by an unknown number of sages from the east with gifts. Herod gets wind of a special royal birth and, fearing a rival, resolves to kill all the children under two in and around Bethlehem. But the parents are forewarned in a dream and flee to Egypt. Thus begins God’s programme to save the world.

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Thinking allowed: why coaching might help

Leaders face many pressures and demands. Having a coach can help you perform better and feel better.

Are you a manager or leader, perhaps a CEO? In my experience most people in leadership roles have their heads down doing most of the time. As a result other things get lost – such as where you’re going, for example. How many of the following statements apply to you?

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