Management speak or theology speak

I don’t know which is worse –

In my experience Church people are suspicious of the language of management and business – and I can see why, even if I think the antipathy is sometimes misplaced.  In recommending ideas and practices that hail, in part, from that quarter, I am far from doing so uncritically.  What worries me more is the extent to which 1. the Church adopts the most bureaucratic practices from the Civil Service and others and 2. uses theological language as a way of avoiding reality…What follows is the first of a series of extracts from my new book, “Creating the Future of the Church”.

“‘Management speak’ is not attractive and it is an easy target for the media and clergy alike.  Continue reading

Leader of RC age care organisation

“When I think of three years ago and now, it makes me feel great! We could never have done it all without your skills and expertise so a big, big, thank you!

The knowledge and experience that has come into Nazareth Care make the organization much stronger so thank you for the part you played, especially in the ‘hairier’ times. You have been and continue to be such a blessing to Nazareth. God was so looking after us the day we met!”